Do You Have Mice In Your Car? Try An AutoMat Mouse Repellent Mat

Protect your car from mice with an AutoMat

Protect your car from mice with an AutoMat

If you have found droppings, nests or damage to wires and upholstery you may have mice in your car or van.  It's a common problem, particularly in farming areas where mice are plentiful.  They like the warmth and protection offered by vehicles, particularly if they are left standing for long periods of time.  The problem can be very difficult to defend against; you can block up the holes in your garage or storage unit but they will still find a way in.  You can trap or poison dozens of them, but you've only got to miss one for the damage to be done.  Information and help on the damage performed by rats is available from

Our Mouse Repellent Mat protects your car by creating an electrified barrier and a mouse-free zone around your car.  More humane and effective than trapping or poisoning, the mat will protect your car for years to come.

Rats have been proven to do 6 billion dollars per annum of damage to people's valuable property. This includes cars, industrial equipment and commercial stock.  This is for three main reasons-

  • Looking for food
  • Looking for warmth and shelter
  • Wearing their teeth away

Quite remarkably the incisors of the brown rat grow at a rate of 4.5 - 5.5 inches per annum. This leads to them requiring regular grinding down on the expensive wiring in people's sports cars which they seem to have a penchant for.