Have You Got Rats In Your Factory? Get Rid Of Them!

Have You Got Rats In Your Factory?  Get Rid Of Them!

Have You Got Rats In Your Factory?  Get Rid Of Them!

If you've got rats in your factory you might have a serious problem on your hands.  Despite all the trapping, repellents and deterrents rats did nine billion dollars worth of damage to property in the US alone in one year. This is according to a reputable paper from 2009.  The problem lies in the fact that if you trap or repel 98% of the rats in the area, this is pretty good going, but doesn't solve the problem. You've only got to have one slip through the net to do thousands of pounds worth of damage in an evening.  

Costs are high; remember that you need to cover equipment downtime, as well as the cost of the repairs themselves.  If your delivery van is out of action you will miss your deliveries. If your assembly robot, lathe or CNC mill are damaged then your production may stop until the problem is rectified.  This could cost you many thousands of pounds, against which you might not be insured. Get rid of them!

This is where our new product comes in.  We have developed a unique system which creates a perimeter around your van, truck or robot which the rats, rodents and mice won't want to cross.  Click 'Buy Now' to find out about prices and availability.  Without a new solution humans are condemned to fighting rat damage with the same techniques they have been using for years.  They clearly don't work well enough.  Our product is patent pending and has been shown to strongly and humanely repel rodents in a way that has not been used before.

The problem with a building as big as a factory is that it can be very difficult, if not impossible to rat-proof it. There could be hundreds, if not thousands of holes, some of which could be completely inaccessible to humans but easy to reach if you are an adult rat.  Corrugated iron is a terrible culprit with rows of holes to be filled.  You know that you've only got to miss a couple and the clever rats will find them, pop in and destroy the hydraulics in your JCB.


If you do try to fill the holes make sure you use sand and cement or metal in sheet form so that you can be sure the rats won't be able to chew through it.  The little so-and-so's use the wiring in your heavy machinery to keep their teeth short.  As their incisors (the pointy ones at the front) grow all through their lives they struggle to keep them short. They need to nibble hard materials to keep their length down.  This is one of the main reasons they do so much damage. To find out more about how to protect a greenhouse from rats visit http://www.hammertechltd.com/keep-rats-out-of-your-greenhouse.