Have You Got Rats In Your Garage Or Factory? Keep Them Out With These Simple Tips

Rats are notoriously difficult to banish from garages, factories and other buildings.  There are a few reasons for this; the first is that they can squeeze through a hole only 2cm across.  The second is that they can chew through wood and plastic, getting through barriers which would otherwise stop them.

So what can you do to keep rats out of your garage or factory? Here are some simple tips.

  • Block holes.  Use cement, concrete and sheet metal to block all the holes you can find.  Try to spot their runs by looking out for oily marks on skirtings, droppings and mess such as grass and dropped food.  Unfortunately this can be impossible in some buildings wheres a few holes may be accessible to rats but inaccessible to humans.  An example of this may a boxed-in roof cavity space which communicates with a neighbouring building to which you don't have access.  An alternative would be a drainpipe into a building from an area which is hemmed in on the outside.
  • Rat-repellent flooring.  Hammer Technologies new device is aimed squarely at keeping rats away from your precious possessions.  It creates a barrier around your car or factory, keeping it safe from their little incisors.  It is ideal in situations like those above where it can be difficult to rat-proof a building. Visit our homepage to find out more.  http://www.hammertechltd.com/
  • Water.  Dry up water sources, fix dripping taps, fill puddles and fix gutters with water pooling in them. Fill up puddles with cement or soil, drain them or cover the area to keep rain away. Get rid of old buckets and paint pots which are full of water.  Rats can go for longer than a camel without water but take away their water supply and they have one less reason to stay.
  • Food.  Clear away scraps of food and don't leave leftovers lying about.  Dispose of rubbish in metal bins rather than cardboard boxes or paper bags they can chew through.  Don't leave dog or cat food out in the back yard.  Put the bowl or plate away when they have finished.