The True Cost Of Rodent Damage To Your Car

The True Cost Of Rodent Damage To Your Car

The True Cost Of Rodent Damage To Your Car

Whenever your car has to go into the repair shop or garage you are going to be both inconvenienced and worried about how much this is going to cost you. There can be dozens of reasons why your car won't start, or a light keeps coming on that shouldn't. One of the reasons practically nobody will consider is that your vehicle has been a temporary playground for a rat. These little blighters cause more damage than you would ever think of, and the costs incurred can be astronomical.

Understanding the Problem

Look at it from a rat's point of view. You are skulking around at night looking for food, cover or somewhere to sharpen those gnashers. There in the darkness you see a dark shape, you move closer and closer and realise there is nobody around. What is lurking in there? Is there food? Something for you to sharpen your teeth? No rat is going to turn down the chance of free board and lodgings, so in you go to the veritable delights within.

The Aftermath

While all this makes perfect sense, it is not the rodent who is faced with all the hassle that follows. It isn't only the repairs to the car that cost you; you may have to take time off work that you aren't paid for. You may feel that a pest control officer is needed to try and get rid of the rats once and for all. Not to mention the costs incurred if your car was in a garage and the fact that there are holes that need plugging to stop them getting in again.

More Than a Financial Burden

All these costs quickly add up, not to mention the inconvenience of being without your car while it is in the garage. Getting to work can be difficult if you commute and you may have to get unreliable public transport or pay for a taxi to ensure you get to work on time. You also hire a car of course while yours is off the road, but there's even more expense. If a rat gets into your car you could be faced with costs of hundreds, or in rare cases, thousands of pounds.

What Next?

Unfortunately most of the rat repellents available aren't effective. People resort to wolf urine, coffee grounds, chilli sauce and moth balls but there is no evidence that any of these are effective. Ultrasound devices are also ineffective; rats are intelligent and resilient creatures.  Hammer Technologies new product aims to change all of this.  We use pioneering hardware to keep the problem away.  Visit 'Buy Now' to check availability.