What You Think You Know About Common Rats Is Wrong

It is a frequent misconception about common rats that they are malevolent little animals. They are unfriendly and live alone, going about deliberately ruining people's things by chewing them.  This simply isn't true.  Many people are highly surprised to learn that they are very gregarious little creatures. Pet rats love the company of people and have to chew on hard materials to keep their teeth short as they grow constantly throughout their lives.  If they didn't wear their teeth away they wouldn't being able to eat when their teeth grew too long.  They also would be in a lot of pain.  People need to give them hard materials to gnaw on for them to keep their teeth short.

Rats are highly intelligent which is why they are used as lab animals.  They are highly adept at finding their way though mazes. They can find their way through a maze having only been shown the way once.  Often when chewing they are looking for food or shelter; their little hands aren't as adept as ours at getting the tops off boxes!

A study from 2009 proved that, unfortunately, rats do between 8 and 10 billion dollars of damage to property per annum in North America alone. This is despite all the trapping, poisoning and repellents known to mankind. There is no evidence that any of these measures have reduced the problem. In response to this we have developed our rat repellent flooring. It is a new patent-pending device which actively keeps rats away from your car, van or shop stock.  Simply fit it to your existing floor and you're protected.  It is often effective when other measures fail.  It can be useful when it is impossible to rat proof an area because of it's size or complexity.

Keep those munching little incisors at bay with Hammer Technologies' brand new Rat Repellent Flooring.