Control Rats In Your Zoo

If you run a zoo the chances are that you may well have a problem with rat control and are looking for a good zoo rat deterrent. There are several reasons for this; firstly there is an abundance of food and water about. The 24/7 feeding schedule results in food lying around on the floor in quantity and water is often freely available. Rats eat pretty much anything but they love fruit and grain, both of which may well be present in large volumes.

Control Rats In Your Zoo

Control Rats In Your Zoo

The next problem is that many of the enclosures will have piles of stones and earth which make ideal nesting sites for rats to make their burrows. They can dig down between the stones and it can be very difficult to get them out.

Hammer Technologies new rat-repellent flooring makes an ideal solution. It can be used across thresholds and storage areas to stop rats getting into enclosures in the first place. It uses patent-pending technology to give you a powerful rodent deterrent device which will segregate the rodents from your residents.

It is clearly not appropriate to use repellent chemicals around the animals in the zoo and traps also need to be kept away from the residents and the public. Hammer Technologies' new product uses no nasty chemicals and is safe for use around large animals, making it the ideal choice for use in zoos where rodents can cause a serious problem for the animals and keepers alike.

Members of the public will find it disconcerting to see rats scurrying about and although many of them may assume that there are some about they would probably rather not see them running about in large numbers chomping on litter.

Rats can cause serious damage to wiring and computer systems which can lead to fires and system failure. The recent underground fire in London was caused by rats chewing wires in a duct containing water and gas pipes. This took some time to come under control. If you have a considerable number of them strolling about your zoo it is only a matter of time before one of them decides to chomp on one of your wires. They do this because they need to keep their teeth short by biting hard materials like steel because otherwise they will grow too long and become painful.

Litter control is another important aspect of rat and rodent control in zoos. Clearly food left lying about in picnic and other food areas is likely to attract the pests. This is likely to be even more of a problem in outdoor areas as they will be able to access the food more easily. Indoor areas will be accessible through doors but possibly also through holes in walls, access vents and other small access points. Even an adult rat can fit through a space only a couple of centimeters across so this can make it incredibly challenging to block all the holes in a building which they can get through.

You can fit automatic closures to exterior doors to keep them shut; they are highly intelligent so will follow you in and out of the building when you open the door. Rat proof flooring would be an ideal addition to the kitchen and store entrances to get rid of rats.