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RatMat is an innovative new rodent and pest repellent which works like an electric fence on the floor to effectively keep many types of pest away. Please click the button below to visit Killgerm’s site and order yours.

RatMat is an innovative, humane and cost effective solution to protect property from rodents.
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NEWS: RatMat Inventor Dr Toby Bateson Is Awarded Insider Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2018.  Read more...

NEWS: RatMat Inventor Dr Toby Bateson Is Awarded Insider Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2018. Read more...

What is a RatMat?

RatMat Electrified Rodent Repellent Flooring In Use On Factory Floor

RatMat is an innovative, humane and cost effective solution to protect property from pests.    

It is a ground breaking innovation in pest control. Using the principles of an electric fence the RatMat tiles can be used to prevent pests from causing expensive damage to property such as cars and motorcycles. The RatMat is a safe, scalable and transportable rat repellent for cars which can double as a hard-wearing floor surface. It is a cost effective, long-term solution to prevent damage to property caused by rats and mice.  

Research shows that 3.2 million British car owners have experienced some sort of rodent damage to their vehicles. Costs for repairs can run into the thousands and damage can potentially include life-threatening destruction to seat belts and brake pipes.  

A RatMat has a long-lasting, low-maintenance system and is the first rat repellent for cars to use electricity or solar power, without killing or harming animals in the process. The interlocking tiles feature a conductive surface, made of pressed steel, and a robust, injection-moulded base. When a rodent touches the surface it receives an unpleasant shock from the dedicated power supply, which scares it away and prevents it from returning.    

If you are a busy person, who values their time, property and safety – the RatMat will bring you peace of mind.  

Cost effective  

The one-off purchase of a RatMat will protect your vehicle for years to come – preventing damage which can cost many thousands and is often not covered by insurance. Many people have suffered several instances of damage.  

RatMat Rodent Repellent Tile

As an example, a one-year pest control contract can cost up to £400 per year and doesn’t guarantee that rats won’t return to your property at a later date. Conventional rodent deterrents used by pest controllers, such as poison or trapping, have big flaws in the sense that it only takes one rat to be missed for the problem to continue. Even when all rats have been cleared from one particular area using conventional control measures, there is nothing to prevent more coming.  

By purchasing a RatMat, which can be used with mains electricity or off-grid by purchasing a battery and solar panel, you are ensuring cost-effective and long-lasting pest control measures.  

The robust tiles can be used across a threshold or under property and are ideal for garage floors. The more of the floor that is covered with RatMat, the greater the level of protection.

How many tiles will I need?

Hammer Technologies received funding from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020

Hammer Technologies received funding from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European
Structural and Investment Funds Growth
Programme 2014-2020

Calculate the area that you need to cover. The tiles measure 31 × 31 × 1cm and are inter-connectable. They can be connected in any arrangement - not just those shown in the images. Simply calculate the number you need to cover a square or rectangle by measuring along each side (in metres). Divide these numbers by 0.31m to give the number of  tiles along each side then multiply them together to give the total number of tiles you need.  10 tiles covers just under a square metre. You can also arrange the tiles in an 'L' shape, 'H' shape or any other arrangement but remember that the tiles cannot be cut. To calculate the number of edge pieces you need add together the number of tiles along both edges and times by 2. The edging is 5cm deep. If in doubt contact us.  

How effective is the RatMat?

We have spent six years researching and developing a humane rat repellent and came to the conclusion, very early on, that electromagnetic pulses would be very effective. 

Once we’d developed the prototype we spent two years filming across five different environments. In that time, we captured very little evidence of rodent activity in the immediate vicinity of the RatMat. We know that rodents were active in the area due to the presence of droppings and damage and our video footage shows the effectiveness of the RatMat on the occasions a rat did step on the tile. The fact they kept away from it is evidence that rats may be able to sense the magnetic field around the flooring and were keeping their distance. During two years of use in the live field, there was not a single incident where food left on the mats was eaten by rodents - even when food was taken from nearby locations. The RatMat was 100% effective in deterring rodents from items placed on it. 

RatMat Rodent Repellent For Cars

To capture the film footage above, we placed the RatMat directly next to the rats’ nest with a bowl of food at the centre only three feet away from the rat. Despite this, the rat did not approach the mat to attempt to reach the food for three days. When doing so it received a small shock and did not attempt to try again. The food remained uneaten until we removed it 25 days later. In the second incident caught on film, the flooring was in place for five months and the food remained entirely uneaten. 

Using the RatMat

  • A long-lasting, low-maintenance system – a RatMat can easily be installed to protect a vehicle, garage, greenhouse, factory or expensive computer or robotic equipment. There are many ways the tiles can be used to suit your individual needs, whether you work in a warehouse, in agriculture or with machinery.

  • As well as keeping rats away, the RatMat makes an excellent hard-wearing floor surface for garages, factories and warehouses. PVC is widely considered to be the best material for making flooring tiles as it is durable and resists impact and wear. Our tiles include compounds which are fire resistant and resist degradation by sunlight. The metal and plastic components can be separated manually for recycling if required.

  • The tiles are powered by a compact energiser box (approx. 20 x 8 x 6cm) which is connected to mains electricity and converts the energy into a safe electric shock. The mains energiser boxes supplied with all packages are powerful enough to power half a square kilometer of tiles so you will not need to change your box if you increase your tile coverage. Solar-powered energiser boxes will also be available to purchase in the future. The boxes will be available with UK, US and EU plugs.

  • Each inter-connectable tile measures 31 × 31 × 1.2cm. The tiles can be connected in any arrangement - not just those shown in the images. Therefore, if you have a motorbike or dustbins you wish to protect, simply calculate the area you need covering as a square (or rectangle or any arrangement) by measuring along each side (in metres). Multiply the numbers together to give the number of square metres and choose the smallest pack to cover this area.

  • RatMat tiles need to be laid indoors, on a flat level surface – ideally cement or concrete. They can be laid directly on the floor and are easy to arrange and connect. The tiles are laid like normal PVC flooring tiles, using folded steel connectors (similar to the battery connectors in a mobile phone). After the tiles are laid they are plugged into the supplied energiser which uses around 2W of power. The tiles can be screwed down if required. We would recommend this to prevent slippage, if this would cause a problem.

  • The tiles may also work effectively outdoors but we have not yet fully tested them in this environment so we do not recommend using the tiles in this way. Once the product has been manufactured we will perform this testing.

  • RatMat tiles have 8 connections per tile; 6 more than the minimum number it requires. The tiles are designed so that if one or two electrical connections fail, the tile does not stop working. In the very unlikely event that a tile does fail all other tiles will remain active. We can supply electrical testers, like the one shown in the video, through our website.

  • Notices: the law on electric fences states that a warning needs to be displayed at eye-level if the fence is used in an accessible area. We recommend a similar warning if the flooring is installed in an area where people other than yourself have access. These will be available on our website after launch.

  • Tiles cannot be cut but we may supply PVC blanks, without the metal inlay, in the future if there is demand. This will enable you to cover the rest of your garage with matching tiles.

  • The tiles will conform to British Standard EN 14041. Trademarks, patents and registered design have been applied for.

Rats create billions of pounds of damage to products, machines and homes each year. This is in spite of the use of all the rat repellents, poisons and other pest control methods available.  Traps and poisons can be inhumane.  They often lead to unnecessary suffering of animals.  Poisons are sometimes eaten by the wrong animal. Now you can get rid of rats, mice and rodents by creating a rodent-free zone. Our new rat repellent for cars, garages and factories is better than poison to get rid of rodents. Use our innovative new rat repellent for cars, industrial machinery and storage facilities.  Hammer Technologies' rat repellent mat creates a rodent-free zone. Place your mouse and rat deterrent RatMat in your garage, factory or industrial unit.  Rodents are repelled when they go near your car, industrial machinery or storage unit. This gives excellent pest control and makes sure you get rid of rats.

Potentially more effective and safer than poison or traps as pest control. The rat deterrent mat is simple to use, simply place it on the floor and plug it in.  Click 'Buy Now' above to protect your car.

The Truth

Hammer Technologies' Rodent Repellent For Cars

Many people have misconceptions about rats, believing them to be solitary, vicious little creatures. They think they damage people's property on purpose, chewing car and machinery wires and spoiling food supplies.

This isn't true.

They are highly gregarious and love the company of each other as well as humans, which is why they make such good pets.  People who keep them say they are friendly, intelligent and clean.  They are kind to each other and will look out for another who is injured.

They don't damage property out of malice; their teeth grow continuously and need to be worn down by chewing hard materials.  They grow at a rate of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches a year, so if they aren't worn down it quickly becomes unable to eat.

Sometimes when they chew they are looking for food, warmth or shelter.

Unfortunately a huge amount of damage is done whilst sharpening their teeth and looking for food and shelter.  A research paper from 2009 calculated losses to be in the region of 9 billion dollars in the US alone.  This happens even though people have traps, poisons and repellents.  Our incredible new rat deterrent mat will help prevent the problem.


How to Find Out If Rodents Have Damaged Your Car

When you have a car, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the maintenance of your vehicle. You will probably more than likely have your own routine. This will include the likes of checking the oil, making sure the wiper blades aren't damaged, tyre pressure and so on. There could be one thing you are overlooking.

Be Vigilant, Act Fast

There could be unexplained damage that you shrugged off at first but now is really bugging you. If you have noticed a wire or upholstery that looked nibbled these could be the calling card of your local rodent population. In particular, rats. Droppings are another sign that you might have a problem.

Rodents cause more damage to cars than many people realise and most don't even consider them a problem. The simple fact remains that however secure your vehicle not even the most expensive equipment can keep out a rat.

Signs of Rodent Damage

If you notice any chewed wires or upholstery or poop droppings there is a rodent getting into your car. Don't bother scratching your heads either and complaining to your valet service about leaving food remnants in the car. Tiny remnants of food down the back of a seat are enough to catch the super sensitive sense of smell of a rat. As far as the chewed wires are concerned, they haven't mistaken them for food they are using them to sharpen their teeth.

Hidden Damage

While this may be a problem you know little, if anything about, most garages will be used to repairing the damage that rats cause to cars. They will have replaced miles of wiring and tons of insulation that the rat has destroyed over the years.  The key is looking for the first signs of damage as the first thing many drivers know of it is when they are hit with a hefty repair bill. Spotting the damage early can save your wallet from a nasty shock.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Hammer Technologies new rat repellent flooring is ideal in this situation.  It creates a barrier around your car which can't pass.  It is safe and non-toxic, unlike many other solutions which are available on the market. It uses new patent-pending technology which is not available anywhere else.

Rats are smart, they will soon sniff out a new food source. In the process they will make use of a warm sheltered environment (such as a car or garage) where they can easily set up home. Be thorough when you are cleaning out the car and make sure you go right down the backs of seats, as well as underneath them. Don't park near tall grass or anywhere the rat could be lurking waiting to strike when all is dark and quiet. Also make sure you fill in any holes where a rat or small rodent could get in.

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