Get Rid Of Rats

Get Rid Of Rats

Get Rid Of Rats For Good With Hammer Technologies

The clever boffins at Hammer Technologies have developed a surprising new product. The new rodent repellent floor will help you get rid of rats for good. They realised that there is a growing problem with rats and other rodents in the UK, with giant ones being spotted and super-rats developing resistance to existing poisons they thought they had a better act fast to do something about this. It is quite clear that current pest control methods such as traps, repellents and deterrents are not cutting the mustard and helping to get rid of rats as the problem is continuing to grow despite these measures.

A very interesting paper from 2009 clearly demonstrated that in the region of 9 billion American dollars worth of damage occurs annually through the actions of rodents. This was several years ago and only took into account North America so the figure now will be far higher than this.

Details on how the rat repellent flooring works to get rid of rats are being held close to the chest of Hammer Technologies, understandably so because apparently initial results are very promising.  It has been demonstrated that the device effectively generates a powerful perimeter, protecting your zoo, lockup, factory or warehouse from damage.  Many people are not aware that they my not be insured against rodent damage and when calculating costs it is easy not to take account of equipment downtime. If your delivery van, lathe, industrial robot or military hardware needs to spend some time in the repair shop then you will need to fill the gap in your supply chain or production line which it leaves behind.

So why do they chew? Well, often they are simply seeking out food and warmth. The other reason is that they may be working to keep their teeth short. Surprisingly enough, their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives, meaning that if they are not eating hard food they will need to seek out tough materials to chew on in order to keep them short. If they do not, their teeth will become painful and they will soon become infected and unable to eat. This is the reason for them chewing the wires in cars, motorbikes and another hardware. Make sure you take precautions and fit yourself some flooring from Hammer Technologies.

People try all manner of techniques to try to get rid of rats.  People sometimes become desperate; the problem with traditional trapping and repellent methods are that you only have to miss one of the little blighters in order for the problem to continue.  Blocking holes can be fruitless; a large building may have thousands to fill and you can be totally sure that if you miss only one a rat will definitely find it.  Don't waste your time.  A single rodent can generate thousands of pounds worth of damage in an evening if it manages to find it's way into the wrong place at the wrong time.  Keep them away for good with our powerful patent-pending device.