Keep Rats Out Of Your Greenhouse

Keep rats out of your greenhouse

Keep rats out of your greenhouse

If you are the owner of a small domestic greenhouse, or a large industrial variety you may be wondering how to keep rats out of your greenhouse. Greenhouses can be very difficult to rat proof as there may be many small holes which are difficult to fill. As well as this, rats can burrow underneath the greenhouse making the problem even harder to solve. you may find that your crops and stocks are being damaged by rats who are getting in and chewing and eating them. In addition to this, rats chew wiring on electrical lighting and heating systems, leading to fires and equipment failure.

So what can be done about this? Hammer Technologies brand-new rat repellent and deterrent flooring system is a brand-new patent pending device which sets out to put paid to the problem of rats in your greenhouse. You can cover the floor in the rat repellent flooring and it will get rid of rats for years to come. It needs little maintenance and is free of nasty chemicals, rodenticides and poisons, so is safe to use around food crops.

The technology is unique and is not in use anywhere else for this purpose. You may not be insured against rat damage so it is well worth taking all of the precautions that you can in order to defend your property against rats. The damage may be difficult to claim against as it may be little and often, gradually destroying your crop piecemeal.

Your greenhouse may well offer the rat everything it needs to survive. There may be water about in buckets, containers and puddles nearby, food may be available in the form of a crop you are growing and harbourage may be available as earth, stones, empty containers and plants growing.

So why do the rats chew wires? As well as eating to feed themselves, rats need to chew on hard materials in order to keep their teeth short. It is a surprising fact about the rats that the teeth grow constantly throughout their lives, leading to pain and inability to eat if they get too long. As a result, rats do an inordinate amount of damage to wires and cables around the world in their search for hard materials. The steel inside the wire is an ideal candidate. The fire which recently occurred underground in London was as a result of rats chewing wires near to a gas pipe and water. It took some time to put this out.

Save yourself from rat damage with rat repellent flooring from Hammer Technologies.

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