What Is The Meaning Of Rats In A Dream?

What Is The Meaning Of Rats In A Dream?

What Is The Meaning Of Rats In A Dream?

If you dream of rats then you may be having feelings of unworthiness, doubt, guilt, greed and envy. It may mean that you are being secretive and carrying this secret is burning you up from the inside out. An alternative is that the rat can symbolise dirt, death and repulsion.

Rats have a negative reputation in society.  Many people say they are phobic of them and even more simply don't like them. As a result, a rat in a dream will often symbolise a negative aspect or influence in your life.

Another meaning is that you may be thinking of someone you know as a rat. The context of the rats in the dream may help you to separate out these meanings.

It may be that a black rat in your dream symbolises lying and deceit. A white rat, however, may indicate that you will have some positive assistance from somewhere you don't expect.

Dreaming of your feet being bitten by a rat may mean that you are feeling that life is a rat race and that you are losing.

Catching a rat with your own hands indicates taking control over negative influences in your life.

Dr Toby Bateson for hammertechltd.com