Does Garlic Make A Good Rat Repellent?

It is often quoted that the strong, sulphurous smell of garlic makes a good rat repellent. Researching the Internet describes steeping the cloves in boiling water and leaving them for the oil to infuse. The liquid can then be put into a spray bottle and used wherever rats or mice enter or leave the area you want to protect.

Does Garlic Make A Good Rat Repellent?

Does Garlic Make A Good Rat Repellent?

There are several problems with this.

1) There is no evidence it works. No studies are available which demonstrate that garlic is effective as a rodent repellent.

2) Variable results reported. All the evidence for garlic is anecdotal. For every tale of success there is another of woe. Often this type of repellent works for a while until the rats get used to the smell and return to the area. It may also be enough to keep them away from an area they do not inhabit but a bad smell is unlikely to make them leave once they have set up home. When you think about it, rats are quite at home amongst rubbish and strong odours.

3) The smell fades. Regular reapplication is required to keep the odour level up.

4) Horrendous smell. Most people don't want their house, garage or factory to smell of garlic.

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