Natural Rat Repellent Products

If you have a rat problem you may be keen to find some natural rat repellent products. Some repellents are highly toxic synthetic materials, as are rat poisons. It is important to many people to find a rat control solution which effectively solves the problem but is not toxic. Here are a few suggestions.

Mint - Natural Rat Repellent Products

Mint - Natural Rat Repellent Products

Peppermint Oil. This is a natural product which is often mentioned on websites and forums as being effective as a rodent repellent. People suggest mixing it with water and spraying it where rats hang out. The alternative is to soak cotton wool balls in oil and leave them where the rats enter and leave the area. Unfortunately for every story of it's effectiveness there are two of woe. Rats might not find it pleasant but as they are happy to eat out of the dustbin and live in sewers they are unlikely to be put off by a fresh minty smell.

Moth Balls. These are often described as being effective at keeping rats away. Apparently they don't like the strong camphor smell. Unfortunately they are difficult to come by; they have been banned in many regions as they are toxic and can be highly irritant when handled.

Cleanliness. The most effective natural rat repellent is cleanliness and tidiness. Rats love piles of rubbish because they can hide and build nests. Food leftovers and waste left lying around will entice them to the area and keep them well fed. Tidy up and get rid of any food and water residue they can live on.

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