Our Amazing New Rat Repellent Flooring

Our Amazing New Rat Rat Repellent Flooring

Our Amazing New Rat Rat Repellent Flooring

We have been working hard to develop our new rat repellent flooring device. It's a revolutionary new product which will defend your property against rats' sharp little incisors. We have noticed recently that rats are getting bigger and more plentiful. They are even becoming resistant to rat poisons and repellents. This is making them harder to control. We realised that something needed to be done differently. As a result we came up with the idea of creating a secure perimeter around the edge of whatever needed protecting.

According to a good paper from 2009 it has been calculated that in the region of $9 billion worth of damage is caused by rats yearly in North America alone. This figure will only be going up due to inflation and other factors. Additionally, the international figure will be much higher than this. It is important to remember that this figure is from a world where we use trapping, repellents, deterrents and other methods to keep rats at bay. What we are currently doing isn't working; our new device is the solution to this.

What makes rats chew? There are several reasons for this. The main one is that they are making a passageway to allow them through in order that they can find food, water, warmth or shelter. They may be looking for a suitable site to make a nest for themselves and their babies. This is why they often find their way into cavity walls and underfloor spaces. These places tend to be warm and undisturbed. In the process they might chew their way through your electric cables. They might electrocute themselves in an inaccessible space. If a rat dies in your cavity walling you may not be able to see it or retrieve it but you will be able to smell it!

This is one of the many reasons it is worth going to great lengths to protect yourself against rats. We recommend our rat repellent flooring from http://www.hammertechltd.com/. There is another important reason to defend yourself against rats. They chew the wiring in important computer and commercial or industrial equipment. Their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives they need to chomp on hard materials to keep them short. If they do not do this they will find themselves with long teeth which will become painful and stop them from eating. This is why they munch on steel wires.

If they bite through a very important wire in inaccessible parts of a key machine in your production line you may be facing a huge bill for repairs. In addition to this you will also need to cover the downtime for your manufacturing system. You may not be insured against this so make sure you install an effective system to reduce your risk of damage.

People often try blocking the holes in the walls and doors but this can be an impossible and expensive task. If you have a large warehouse or factory building it might be impossible to block every hole. Some of them will be inaccessible in the roof and down the backs of walls. You can be sure that if you miss one, the rats will manage to find it.  Get some rat repellent flooring.