The Way Rats Are Portrayed In Society

Rats are commonly discussed in our society.  They are evocative little creatures about which different people think different things.  The Hindus hold them in a very positive light. They believe them to become the embodiment of the Hindu deity Ganesh and always have a statue of one in his temples.  The Karni Mata temple has thousands of rats which are fed milk and grain by the priests. They believe that the rats will be reincarnated as Saddhus the holy men of Hinduism.  It is truly amazing to see the beautiful building overrun with them and the priests feeding them.

The ancient Romans had no distinction between rats and mice. Instead they called them 'mus maximum' and 'mus minimus' respectively.

The rat is the primary sign of the Chinese zodiac and those born with the rat have the same character traits being intelligent, loyal and wasteful.  They get on well with 'dragons', but not with 'horses'.

In Isle of Man, an island off the north-west of England, 'rat' is taboo. In fact the word is often used as an expletive in many areas of the world.  This is possible due the fact that rats are seen in a negative way due to their involvement in the spread of horrible diseases such as leptospirosis.

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