Get the Most Out of Your Rat Trap

Rats are a nuisance, which is why we do everything and anything to get rid of them. They damage property by chewing through almost anything; plastic, concrete, cables and even pipes. And because poisoning rats is not permitted in many countries, controlling a rat problem has become more and more challenging.

Get the Most Out of Your Rat Trap

Get the Most Out of Your Rat Trap

A rat's biology and behaviour makes them difficult to control. Rats learn fast and are very instinctive, so any new environment that they are in is observed cautiously. Besides retrofitting your home, rodent traps can help.  Unfortunately you only have to miss one rat for the problem to continue. This is the inspiration for our rat-deterrent flooring. It is a brand-new approach to rodent control.  Visit '' to find out about availability.  With that in mind, here's some tips on how to use rodent traps both efficiently and effectively to keep your home and car rat free.

Assess the Situation

First, you need to identify where they are located. By sussing out where any rats are hiding and by taking note of where you last spotted one in your home, you can choose which rodent trap will work best for you.

For instance, poison or lethal baits are not effective if a rat is hiding in a small space within the house or its structure. It's also not an ideal method if you have pets or young children. Mouse traps produce the desired result in this case. However in contrast, rat traps don't work so well when rats converge outside your home.

Use the Best Bait

Rats learn fast and using rodent traps doesn't work for long so you need an effective bait to lure them into the trap. Baits with a strong smell are usually the most effective. Examples of effective baits are bacon, chocolate, peanut butter. Cereals, which are a rat's favourite, is effective, too.

Proper Positioning

Having the best bait and trap are useless unless it is positioned properly. Rats have poor eyesight as they don't have cones in their eyes (cones are what give us humans sharp vision) and is why they don't run along walls. Put the rat traps perpendicular to the wall to ensure you catch them. Otherwise, the rat will just go around the trap to get the bait.

Outwit the Rat

You can outplay a rat with some smart solutions. Rats are very intelligent animals and they avoid any areas or traps if they see any of their kinds trapped in certain areas of your house. If this happens, remove the trap and carefully put your bait somewhere else where rat can reach it. Allow the rat to feel comfortable in this new location and refrain from going to that area for a while. Once the rat has become relaxed you can put the mouse trap back to catch it.

Dr Toby Bateson for Hammer Technologies

Do Cat Urine And Essential Oils Make Good Rat Repellents For Outdoors?

Do Cat Urine And Essential Oils Make Good Rat Repellents For Outdoors?

Do Cat Urine And Essential Oils Make Good Rat Repellents For Outdoors?

The Internet is awash with references to people using unusual animal urine and essential oils as repellents for rats and rodents.  Cat urine and wolf urine are often mentioned. The logic is that the odour makes the rat think there is a predator in the area and they will leave.

Essential oils, in particular mint, are also used to keep rats away. They don't like the strong smell and will leave according to many. Unfortunately, for every tale of these remedies working there are two tales of woe. In particular, some claim that the odours might keep rats away but they will not encourage them to leave if they are already resident in the area. It may be very difficult to tell if the odour is repelling them or whether they simply are not interested in the area.

In either case, the presence of the smell may deter the rodents for a while, until they realise that there is no true threat. Rats are highly intelligent and even if there is the smell of a cat in the area they may soon realise that there isn't one there.

As well as this, the odours will fade with time and need repeated replenishment. They are only really suitable for use outdoors as the smell of cat's urine is not usually something most people want in their homes.

Are you fed up with the smell of cat pee and chewed car wiring? Thankfully Hammer Technologies have developed a new solution. It doesn't use conventional repellents but instead uses a completely new method to keep the rodents at bay. Never before used in rodent repellent hardware the new technology is effective at protecting your stuff. Click on 'Buy Now' to find out more about availability.

The Evolution Of Rat Repellent For Car Engines

The Evolution Of Rat Repellent For Car Engines

The Evolution Of Rat Repellent For Car Engines

Rats commonly damage car engines and upholstery. Our research showed that 9% of UK car owners have suffered damage to their car at some point in their lives. This includes the chewing of wires, tubing and plastic parts of the car. Our findings showed that it wasn't uncommon for cars to need a complete rewiring after being damaged by rats. This can cost upwards of £7000 for a top-notch sports cars such as a Porsche.

Many rat repellents for engines are suggested on the Internet. Peppermint oil and wolf urine are often mentioned as possible rat repellent for car engines. For every tale of these working, there are two saying that it made no difference. Simple things like moving the car or tampering with it may be enough to have kept the rats away in some circumstances.

If a rat is aware that something has changed even subtly in the environment it may be enough to keep them away for several weeks. Adding in an unpleasant smell may deter them for a while longer but once they get used to it and realise that there is no threat they may well return.

This is where our product comes in. Hammer Technologies Rat Repellent Flooring uses a completely new method to keep rats away. It has a patent pending and makes use of unique hardware to protect your car engine and car wiring from rodent damage. It is useful way when other methods have failed.

Click 'Buy Now' above to find out more about this amazing new product and it's availability.