5 Tips to Keep Your Car Rodent Free

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Rodent Free

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Rodent Free

When you think about rodents you probably imagine bats, rats and mice living happily in caves, cellars and fields. What about those in your neighbourhood however? The rats and mice that are asleep through the day and take to the streets at night under the cover of darkness. They say we are never more than 20ft from a rat and those who have had their cars damaged by a rodent may have been a lot closer.

So what can you do to stop repeated attacks on both your car and your bank balance by these cheeky critters?

1. Deterrents

The first thing many do is spray or sprinkle their car, in the engine or on the seats. This may seem a good idea in theory, but rats are smart and they will soon get used to what you are putting down, finding a way around it or getting used to it.

Don't get irate and spray your engine with poison either. A dead rodent stuck inside your engine compartment can be dangerous and a rotting rodent carcass won't smell too pretty either.

2. Mouse and Rat Traps

Mouse and rat traps in points of access (such as on top of wheels and inside wheel areas) can cure the problem short term. The problem may continue, however because of the rate at which rodents breed. So for every one you kill, a dozen more will come along sooner or later.

3. Store Your Car in a Safe Environment

The ideal solution is to keep your vehicle in a garage overnight, that has no nooks or crannies where rodents can sneak into. Unfortunately this is not an option for everyone and those who park on the drive or the road have to look to other methods.

4. Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning the engine is another measure you can take, but once again is a short term solution.

5. Send in the Professionals

A pest controller may also solve the problem in the short term, but you need to be prepared to get him out time and time again to control the problem.

Preventing a Repeat Attack

As difficult as it may seem, try not to go out in the car in winter. Rats come out earlier at this time of year due to it getting darker earlier. They will go for the cars with the warm engines to snuggle up in and chew a few wires while they are at it for good measure. In short, if you cannot get your car inside you will have to keep up the routine of whatever you choose to do to keep those rats out of the car.

Dr Toby Bateson for HammerTechnologiesLtd.com