What Is The Connection Between Rats And The Black Death?

The Black Death was one of the most deadly diseases in the history of the world. It killed between a third and two thirds of Europe's population in the 15th century.  The connection between rats and the black death is that it is caused by several different types of plague which was spread in fleas on the backs of black rats.  The bacterium responsible, Yersinia pestis, blocks up the alimentary tract of the flea. This causes it to regurgitate following meals, spreading the disease.  When the number of rat hosts drops low due to death, the rats move on to human hosts, passing the disease to them.

The disease was first noted in the fortified city of Caffa. The invading Mongolians catapulted the infected corpses of their dead friends and colleagues over the walls of the city.  The Caffans, in turn became infected and escaped, spreading the disease north into Southern Europe.  More information on rats is available from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat

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