Rats; The Truth

Many people think of rats as being solitary and unpleasant.  They also think they deliberately damage property out of malevolence but neither of these facts are true.

Rats are in fact highly social, enjoying the company of human and other rats alike.  In fact, they show signs of loneliness and depression if left alone for too long.  They are effective communicators. They vibrate their eyes, signal with their tails and chatter their teeth. They are able to accurately tell their friends what they are thinking.

As for damage, they only do this because their teeth grow continuously at a rate of at least five inches per year and need to wear them down continuously.  Unfortunately they cause a gigantic problem. A study from 2009 shows that they cause approximately $9 billion of damage a year in the U.S alone.  This doesn't take account of time lost through equipment downtime and lost work days.

Rats are indiscriminate about what they damage. They cause harm to industrial, commercial and other equipment as well as stock in shops and storage units.

Hammer Technologies new anti-rat flooring aims to tackle this.  It repels rats from your precious car, commercial or industrial equipment, saving you time and money.  It uses specially designed flooring to keep rats at bay. By investing in our flooring you will protect yourself against damage for years to come. It is resilient and is designed to be used in industrial settings and areas with heavy footfall.

When estimating the cost of rat and rodent damage don't forget to include the cost of equipment downtime.  This can be easy to under-estimate. Particularly so when you take into account financial losses from loss of a delivery vehicle or missed meetings.