How Can I Get Rid Of Rats From My House?

Having a rat infestation in your house can bring misery in several forms;

- Noise at night from scrabbling and scratching

- Disease from droppings and saliva on food

- Damage to property from chewing and gnawing

It is highly important that you get rid of rats as soon as you can before the problems get worse, but what can you do about it?  Simple remedies can go a long way.

- Rats need water, like all animals.  Make sure there are no puddles or dripping taps for them to drink from.  Fill puddles with earth or cement, depending on where they are.  Alternatively drain them or cover the area so they don't gather in the first place.

- Food.  Don't leave leftovers and dirty containers around where they can reach them.  Put the rubbish out regularly and wash the recycling thoroughly before storing it. Don't leave pet food out in the back yard, particularly at night.  Feed the dog, then bring the plate in.  Also, don't leave water out for your pets around the clock as this will also attract the rats.

- Block up holes.  With a little time spent you can work out where their runs are.  Tell-tale droppings, worn and chewed carpets and woodwork can give away their runs. Also dirty, oily edges on holes and narrow openings give you clues.  Block up the holes with metal and cement to keep them away.

- Rubbish.  Don't leave piles of rubbish and tumble-down sheds in the back yard.  This will give them harbourage and a place to hide.  Piles of bin bags, old cars, piles of wood and any other debris can be used as a nesting place.  Think carefully about how you store your firewood.

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