Are You Looking For Safe Rodent Control?

Many methods of rodent control aren't safe for pets and children.  Your cat or your neighbours' dog may eat poisons, as may your children.  This can obviously be harmful and result in serious illness and even death.  People could become very unwell, requiring hospital treatment.  Permanent damage to the bodys' organs may occur. Warfarin, a common rat poison reduces the clotting of blood and so causes internal bleeding. This is painful and can make people and animals very unwell.

Rodent control such as rat and mouse traps can catch fingers leading to amputations and fractures of bones.  These are clearly both significant life changing events.  Limbs of larger animals such as cats, dogs and wildlife may get caught, resulting in pain and damage, so not safe for humans or animals.

Are you looking for safe rodent control?  Hammer Technologies Rodent Control Flooring keeps rats away from your car.  It is unpleasant enough to repel them, but not powerful enough to harm them.  Rodents will learn to avoid the mat, they are intelligent.  It is safe to use with pets and children and won't harm the neighbour's cat, although it may stop it leaving muddy footprints on your bonnet.  Simply place the mat on the floor of your garage, plug it in, park on it and your car and your money are safely protected from rodent damage.

Dr Toby Bateson for