Our New Animoto AutoMat Showcase

Here's our new Animoto AutoMat Showcase.  Its a great little video which explains the AutoMat and what it's used for in a simple way.  The AutoMat is a boon to any one who is finding that their car is being damaged by rats, mice and other vermin.


Rats are notoriously good at getting into buildings, outhouses and sheds to eat food that might be stored there.  An adult rat can squeeze through a gap of only 2cm, making it very difficult to rat-proof a building.  Here are a few tips on keeping them away;

Fill holes.  Use cement and metal to fill gaps around doors and windows to make it hard for them to get in.  It can be very difficult to fill all holes but it's a good idea to start with those along obvious runs.  Look for droppings and greasy marks on skirtings to give them away. They also drop food and other mess along their runs.

Dry up water.  Pools of water and old buckets full of rain can provide them with drinking water.  Get rid of them to make them feel less welcome.

Rat-proof flooring.  This new invention from Hammer Technologies is a great new solution for keeping rats away.  It is a completely new type of rat repellent.  It uses new technology to create a rodent-devoid region around your car or other equipment you want to look after.

Food.  Avoid leaving food lying about.  Remove leftovers and remains of previous meals. Carefully dispose of them in metal bins with well fitting lids the rats can't get into.  They can chew through plastic bins.

Dr Toby Bateson for Hammer Technologies Ltd