Rat vs. Cat. Who Wins?

Cats are well-known for being efficient at catching mice but when it comes to rats, which are much bigger and fiercer than mice, who would come out on top? The answer depends on exactly what you mean by a rat, and what you mean by a cat.  The word 'rat' is often used to refer to a rodent which is larger than a mouse but many 'rats' aren't even closely related. There are also pet rats which are likely to be far less aggressive than wild rats.  The commonest wild rat in the UK is the brown rat and these can be up to 1kg in weight and can be pretty vicious.

Researching the internet there are several videos of rat vs. cat.  There are various outcomes but there is no consensus on which would have the upper hand in a fight.  The thoughts on the forums mainly centred on domestic cats and wild rats, stating that they would probably leave each other alone.

A video which is widely circulated on the internet shows a rat taking on five domestic cats? Guess who comes out on top? The rat! It chases the cats away, they are clearly intimidated by it, even though it is far smaller than they are.

Our opinion is Recently Fed Domestic Cat Vs. Hungry Wild Rat = Wild Rat Wins.

Recently Fed Domestic Rat Vs Feral Cat = Feral Cat Wins.

There are many other variations on this combination. What happens on the day will be as a result of size, aggession and many other factors which will come into play at the time.

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