The Rat Sign In The Chinese Zodiac

The Rat Sign In The Chinese Zodiac

The Rat Sign In The Chinese Zodiac

The year of the rat is the first of the 12 year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. Years of the rats include 1912, 1924, 1936 through 1996, 2008, 2020 and onwards, every 12 years.

Lucky numbers for rat sign are two and three. The lucky colours are blue, gold and green. The lucky flowers are African violets, lily and lily of the valley. Directions which are lucky for rats include south-east and north-east.

Unlucky things for rats includes the numbers five and nine, colours yellow and brown and the direction West.

The personality of somebody born in a year of the rat includes instinctiveness, acuteness and alertness. This makes them very good businessmen and women. They have the amazing ability to react in order to prevent disaster. They tend to be popular whilst in group situations. These people are also very adaptable. Flexibility and cheerfulness are amongst their strengths.

Weaknesses of people born in the year of the rat include being timid, stubborn, unstable and picky.

Rats match well with people born in the year of the ox, dragon and rabbit. They do not match well with horses and roosters.

Unfortunately the fortune of rats in 2016 may not be as good as in previous years, although there are no large fluctuations forecast. They will work proficiently and they may earn a promotion or increase in their salary. They may be troubled by their emotional and sensitive traits which may cause arguments. Dangerous activities should be avoided.

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